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Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is established by the Board of Trustees and is concerned with the regulation of the professional conduct of Institute members and disciplinary matters.

It investigates, and where necessary, facilitates the discipline, suspension and/or expulsion of any member by referring complaints to an independent and impartial system of disciplinary proceedings.

The PCC shall consist of nine members of the Institute, together with a least one, but no more than five, Lay-members. Members of the PCC are appointed for a three year term and Lay-members for a five year term.  At least two of the Institute members shall be lawyers and one shall hold or has held judicial office. Lay-members have full voting rights. 

Membership of the PCC is mutually exclusive from membership of any Peer Review Panel, Disciplinary Tribunal and/or Appeal Tribunal.

Note: The Chairman of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is not a member of the Board of Management as the PCC reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

Standing Committees

The purpose of the Institute's Standing Committees, Boards and Sub-Committees is to further the achievement of the Object and charitable purposes of the Institute on a global basis.

Chairmen of any Standing Committees, Boards or Sub-Committees cannot exceed three consecutive years in office.

Subject to budgetary provision, Chairmen may establish sub-committees for limited purposes and for limited time periods and only to undertake specific tasks.

There are three Standing Committees and one Board: