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Education & Membership Committee

The Education & Membership Committee (EMC) oversees our membership, education, training and event activities.

The EMC consists of a Chairman and not more than ten other members, where:
  • one of whom should have knowledge and experience of international arbitration
  • one of whom should be qualified as a lawyer in a civil law jurisdiction
  • one of whom must be an academic from an institution directly involved in the teaching of law and dispute resolution.

The role of the EMC is to:

  • ensure the provision of education and training both to those who wish to become qualified and proficient Practitioners, and to persons with an interest in private dispute resolution;
  • encourage members to become qualified and proficient Practitioners;
  • provide the means for testing the qualifications of candidates for admission to the various categories of membership by examination, assessment or other procedures.

The EMC Committee is responsible for the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • policy development relating to membership, including eligibility criteria;
  • policy development relating to education and training programmes, including continuous professional development (CPD);
  • approving worldwide, appropriate Institute education and training programmes and competence standards for those wishing to qualify for membership and those wishing to act as Practitioners;
  • approving suitably qualified course directors, tutors and trainers to support the delivery of Institute training programmes worldwide.

Current Committee

  • Bennar AydoÄźdu, Chair

  • Louise Barrington 

  • Keith Blizzard 

  • Olatunde Busari 

  • Whit Engle

  • Martin Green (co-opted)

  • Paul Jensen

  • Corrado Mora (co-opted)

  • Carol Mulcahy (co-opted)

  • Marwan Sakr

  • Anna Stylianou 

  • James Bridgeman (ex-officio)

  • Jane Gunn (ex-officio)