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Examinations Board

The Examinations Board oversees the standards related to the testing of candidates' qualification for admission to membership.

The Board ensures fair and consistent conduct of all CIArb examinations and assessments and manages and updates the list of education qualifications providing eligibility for membership.

The Board consists of a Chairman and not more than ten other Institute members composed of the following:

  • a member of the Education and Membership Committee
  • a member with experience of international arbitration
  • a lawyer qualified in a civil law jurisdiction
  • a practicing arbitrator
  • a practicing adjudicator
  • a practicing mediator
  • a person who teaches law at university level
  • three other members at the discretion of the Chairman

The Board is responsible for the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • policy development for the design, setting and conduct of the Institute's oral, written and practical skills assessments;
  • policy development for the setting, marketing and moderating of each paper of the Institute's examinations including establishing the standards required and the requisite pass marks;
  • approving suitable qualified examiners, assessors and moderators for marking and moderating the Institute's examinations and assessments, undertaken worldwide, and advising on administration;
  • producing and publishing examination and assessment regulations, including an appropriate complaints handling procedure;
  • appointing annually one or more external examiner(s).

Current Board

  • Bennar AydoÄźdu (EMC Chair – co-opted)

  • John Barber

  • Billie Colombaro

  • Matthew Martin

  • Michele Riley

  • Man Sing Yueng

  • Karen Akinci

  • James Bridgeman (ex-officio)

  • Jane Gunn (ex-officio)