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Panels Management Group

The Panels Management Group (PMG) oversees the Panel of Dispute Resolvers and consists of a Chairman and not more than 11 members.

The PMG is responsible for:

  • controlling the composition and operation of the Institute's main panels of Practitioners in private dispute resolution, including the operation of the Panel Appointments Certificate Scheme;
  • advising and supporting the development of private dispute resolution schemes, and controlling the composition of the individual panels of Practitioners for these schemes;
  • assisting in supervising and monitoring the performance, and if necessary, the discipline of any member through an independent and impartial system, in conjunction and liaison with the Professional Conduct Committee;
  • appointment of Peer Review Panels, whose function is to monitor and make recommendation in relation to the performance of members of the Institute.

Current Committee

  • Robert Sliwinski, Chair

  • Thomas Halket (co-opted)

  • Lalit Bhasin

  • Laurence Burger

  • Thaw Chong

  • Beth Cubitt

  • Hew Dundas

  • Gerard Monaghan

  • Paul Ngotho

  • Derek Simmonds

  • Peter Vinden 

  • James Bridgeman (ex-officio)

  • Jane Gunn (ex-officio)