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Practice & Standards Committee

The Practice & Standards Committee (PSC) oversees the development and promotion of best practice through policy development, research and guidance for professional practice work.

The PSC is established for the following, in accordance with the Charter Article 5:

  • developing and promoting best practice worldwide, in each of its main disciplines - arbitration, mediation and adjudication (private dispute resolution - PDR);
  • contributing to the body of learning about the law, practice and delivery of the main disciplines of PDR;
  • the promotion and dissemination of a wider knowledge of the law and practice of all the disciplines of PDR, on behalf of the Institute as a learned society, by means of meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures and by the publication of relevant materials;
  • the maintenance of an Information and Resource Centre;
  • the consideration and giving of advice upon improvements in the law relating to PDR.

The PSC Committee comprises a Chairman and ten other members composed of:

  • One construction adjudicator
  • One arbitrator with experience of international arbitration
  • Two other arbitrators
  • Two commercial mediators
  • One civil lawyer
  • One common law lawyer; and
  • One person with academic experience (in law)
  • Two other members at the discretion of the Chairman

The PSC Committee is responsible for:

  • developing, guiding and supporting the Institute’s conduct of research and the creation of “thought leadership”, as a professional body and learned society; 
  • guiding the Institute’s input to international bodies, for example UNCITRAL and WTO, and advising the Executive on the preparation of an Institute position on questions and consultations relating to all private dispute resolution;
  • developing and publishing on behalf of the Institute guidelines of good practice / practice notes and Codes of Ethics and, where practical, liaising with the Editor of the Journal; 
  • advising and supporting the Executive  on the continuing development and operation of the Institute’s  library  at the Maughan Library or such other library as may be maintained by the Institute; 
  • identifying, considering and advising upon changes in the law relating to private dispute resolution in all those jurisdictions where the Institute has interests and recommending consequent proposals to the Board of Management for endorsement;

Current Committee

  • Shawn Conway, Chair

  • Karen Akinci

  • Murray Armes

  • Bennar AydoÄźdu (co-opted)

  • Jo Delaney

  • Ciaran Fahy (Chair of Adjudication Sub-Committee)

  • Larry Newman (Chair Arbitration Sub-Committee)

  • Tim Hardy (Chair Mediation Sub-Committee) (co-opted)

  • Richard Tan

  • Mohamed Abdel Wahab (co-opted)

  • James Bridgeman (ex-officio)

  • Jane Gunn (ex-officio)