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Learned Society

An extract from the Articles of the Royal Charter states:

(3) The promotion and dissemination, as a learned society, of a wider knowledge of private dispute resolution by means of meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures and by the publication of relevant materials, including a journal, and other literature;

The methodologies we use are:

  • procedures
  • advice
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • seminars
  • lectures
  • publications
  • (Institute) journal


The Research and Development department of CIArb continues to develop areas of research to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) community.

The function of the research team is to provide a service to members and also to act as a research body able to react to the needs of the ADR community, whether they be governments or commercial bodies who are non members of the Institute.

This service is available to public and private organisations where there is a need for thought leadership in the field of private dispute resolution. Contact the Institute for further details.


The Research and Development team organises an annual series of meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures including:

  • an Alexander Lecture
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events
  • a Mediation symposium.

Details of all events can be found in our Events section

The Journal and other publications

The Institute Journal, Arbitration, has continued to be published since its inception in 1915. Over that time the Journal has contributed over 5,000 articles on arbitration and dispute resolution in its many and varied forms.

Today the Journal incorporates all aspects of dispute resolving within its academic and practitioner output. With the creation of a focused Research and Development department, the Journal now finds a home at Bloomsbury Square with a team of academically-led practitioners pro-actively contributing to the structure and content of the Journal. 

The research team also contributes to many other publications incorporating Judicial research, academic book titles and practitioner guides.