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Purpose and Values

Small group of CIArb members and guests in conversation

CIArb is passionate about promoting a harmonious society and helping people and organisations avoid, manage and resolve conflict through our global network of 15,000 members.


  • Facilitating quick, confidential and cost effective dispute avoidance and dispute resolution mechanisms for both civil and commercial disputes worldwide.
  • Promoting alternatives to court since 1915.
  • Upholding the highest standards in knowledge, practice and ethics across the globe.
  • Supporting individuals in developing skills and knowledge. 
  • Using resources effectively to fulfil our purpose.


  • Dignity and Respect - treating all individuals with respect, valuing their contribution, and recognising the importance of diversity by the inclusion of all.
  • Professionalism - working mutually with a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction in the best interest of CIArb to achieve its charitable aims.
  • Loyalty and Trust - Loyalty and trust are the foundations upon which meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging are built. 
  • Ownership and Accountability - Taking responsibility for decisions so that CIArb grows and develops.

Our Four Pillars of Strategy

  1. To promote ADR and to protect the CIArb professional standards and values by maintaining consistent and excellent high quality standards across the globe preserving and enhancing the CIArb Brand.
  2. The development of Rules Ethics and Guidance to members together with education and training in all areas of ADR in parallel with the delivery of CIArb qualifications, higher level courses and academic courses and events.
  3. To ensure that fraternity, services and products offered by CIArb drive a virtuous circle in member partnership, networking and benefits that are relevant and valued and that bring individuals and organisations to membership of CIArb at a sustainable and proportionate cost.
  4. To examine CIArb income streams including membership subscriptions, education, training and other sources of income so that they are best allocated across CIArb.

CIArb's Golden Thread

We achieve our objectives via our Golden Thread in globally promoting the resolution of private disputes by:

  1. Delivering education and training qualifications
  2. Developing a learned society
  3. Facilitating ADR

CIArb is currently consulting members on a proposed restructure of its Training and Qualifications Programme.