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What we do

Promoting access to non-court dispute resolution

Through international communications programme, CIArb seeks to promote greater understanding and use of alternative dispute resolution methods. CIArb works closely with professional organisations throughout the world and involves its local members heavily in its projects and activities.

Education, training & professional qualifications

As a professional Chartered Institute, CIArb offers a range of education and vocational training courses and qualifications - from introductory to advanced levels - in the various disciplines of dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and construction adjudication.

CIArb's range of world-respected qualifications cover the major disciplines in the field, providing public recognition of expertise in dispute resolution. As part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring quality dispute resolution, CIArb develops and publishes a variety of standards and guidelines based upon the latest thinking from leading practitioners.

CIArb runs a calendar of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events, often attracting top-flight speakers from the profession.

Membership of the Institute can be gained through qualification or experience routes.

Academic & professional resources

As the foremost professional body for dispute resolution, CIArb seeks to advance and promote research, academic thought and new professional policy and practices concerning dispute resolution as a Learned Society. It works closely with academic institutions and other professional bodies across the world.

CIArb provides a wealth of professional information and guidance to support the professional work of its members and also helps users of dispute resolution methods.

Legal Services and information includes articles, case law, regulations, professional guidelines and model clauses.

Members can visit the Maughan Library in London, which now hosts the CIArb back library, and access an online bookshop with dispute resolution titles available at discounted prices.

A range of stylish and well-equipped rooms are available at CIArb's central London office in Bloomsbury Square. Rooms are available for holding arbitration and mediations or for private meetings and functions.

Global community

CIArb's network of regional branches and chapters across the world offers members a valuable global network of other like-minded professionals to share views and experiences with.

CIArb and its branches organise regular seminars, lectures and social meetings which address topical issues in dispute resolution and allow members - and often non-members - to come together.

The Institute offers a range of membership services and benefits.

CIArb is a not-for-profit, UK registered charity, CIArb works in the public interest through an international network of 38 branches.

We provide a wide range of services and support to members and others involved in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and offer the only globally recognised professional qualifications.

Our turnover is around £6 million; 60% from membership subscriptions; 30% from training courses and the remainder from investment income, including rental income from our hearing/meeting room facilities at 12 Bloomsbury Square, London and fees earned by the Dispute Appointment Service.

CIArb publishes its Trustees' Annual Report & Accounts in April each year, covering the preceding financial year January-December. The current reports are available in our Annual Reports and Accounts section.

CIArb Policy: Our Objectives

Chris Wilford ACIArb, Head of Policy, Public Affairs and Research at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators discusses the Institute’s policy objectives and major campaigns.