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Board of Trustees

Elected members of the Board of Trustees as at 01 January 2014 are:

Africa Region

Christopher Ojo FCIArb (Nigeria)

Americas Region

Ann Ryan Robertson FCIArb (North America)

Australasia Region

Malcolm Holmes FCIArb QC (Australia)

East Asia Region

Colin Wall FCIArb (Hong Kong)

Europe Region

Axel Reeg MCIArb (Germany)

Ireland Region

James Bridgeman FCIArb (Ireland)

Middle East/Indian sub-continent

Dr Nayla Comair-Obeid FCIArb (Lebanon) Chair

Great Britain

David Brynmor-Thomas MCIArb
Bruce Kettle MCIArb Honorary Treasurer
Wendy Miles FCIArb
John Wright FCIArb
Peter Rees FCIArb

Ex officio

President - Michael Stephens FCIArb (UK)
Chairman of the Board of Managment - Wolf Von Kumberg FCIArb

Last Updated: 09 January 2014

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