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Inaugural Branch Committee

The Inaugural Branch Committee comprises a balanced distribution of representation from the major regions with CIArb members across Canada and includes a number of highly qualified arbitrators, mediators, former judges and educators.


  • Chair – Dr. Paul A. Tichauer, FCIArb (ON)
  • Vice-Chair – Daniel R. Bennett, QC, FCIArb (BC)
  • Honorary Secretary – Julie G. Hopkins, FCIArb (AB)
  • Honorary Treasurer – Daniel Urbas, FCIArb (QC)
  • Communications – Website: Kathryn Podrebarac, MCIArb (ON)
  • Communications – Newsletter: William L. Neville, MCIArb (Ottawa) 

Directors at large

  • The Hon. Edward C. Chiasson, QC, FCIArb (BC)
  • The Hon. Pierre J. Dalphond, FCIArb (QC)
  • Jacques S. Darche, FCIArb (QC)
  • H. Scott Fairley, FCIArb (ON)
  • David R. Haigh, QC, FCIArb (AB)
  • Sabri M. Shawa, QC, FCIArb (AB)
  • Professor Janet Walker, FCIArb (ON)