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Committee Information

The Right Honourable Sir Charles Denis Byron, President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, is the Patron of the Caribbean Branch.

The current Executive Committee comprises: 

  • Ms Shan Greer, Chair
  • Mr Stuart Kennedy, Vice Chair
  • Justice Anthony DJ Gafoor Hon. Secretary
  • Mr Mandish Singh Treasurer
  • Dr. Christopher Malcolm, Immediate Past Chair
  • Mr Patterson Cheltenham,QC, Education and Training Officer
  • Mr Ebrahim Lakhi, Member
  • Mr Miles Weekes, Chapter Head, Barbados (ex officio)
  • Ms Rene Baptiste,Chapter Head, St. Vincent (ex officio) 
  • Mr Ronald Gardner, Chapter Head, St.Lucia (ex officio) 
  • Mr John Dowse, Chapter Head, Trinidad and Tobago (ex officio)