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The North West Branch currently has over 450 members working in construction, engineering, surveying, property development, accountancy, insurance and the law.

The branch was established in 1978 and covers a geographical area from Carlisle in the north to Shrewsbury in the south, taking in the major cities of Liverpool, Chester and Manchester. Several members located in North Wales attend the meetings and the area includes the Isle of Man.

The North West Branch runs a full programme of educational events throughout the year including surgeries for arbitrators and adjudicators. A series of dinners with after-dinner speakers is held for members to network with colleagues and other professionals. The branch has been instrumental in developing and running an introductory mediation course and is planning to run courses in adjudication.

We seek to foster interest in arbitration and ADR and to sow seed for future membership of CIArb. The North West Branch enjoys a close relationship with the North East Branch, each hosting a programme of joint events and dinners.

The principal officers are:

Daniel Brawn, Chairman

Michael Conway, Honorary Secretary

Peter Dale, Dinner Committee Chairman

Ken Salmon, Co Chair of the education Sub-committee

Simon McKenny, Co Chair of the education Sub-Committee

Mike Evans, Honorary Treasurer

Ian Williams, Vice Chair and Webmaster

Michael Pye, Inter-Society Liaison

John Price, Newsletter Tsar

Last Updated: 07 December 2009

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