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Find an Arbitrator

For a dispute to be referred to arbitration either both parties will be in agreement for the matter to be referred to arbitration with CIArb or there will need to have been an arbitration clause in a contract between the parties that names CIArb or the President of CIArb as the appointing body in any dispute under the contract.

If the application is unilateral, we will need to see a copy of the contract/written agreement between the parties before we can proceed with the appointment of an arbitrator. 

Presidential Appointments process

The Presidential Appointments process is one whereby requests are received by CIArb from parties requiring an arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator to be appointed.

The party is likely to have had a dispute resolution contract clause that nominates the President of CIArb to appoint (as appropriate to the clause) an arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator.

The President makes a selection from the most qualified and suitable members of the Presidential Panel for the job.

Suitably qualified and experienced members of the Institute are eligible to apply to join these Panels.

To apply, please complete the Request for the Appointment of an Arbitrator Request for appointment of an arbitrator form.

3-Name Suggestion Service

If the parties wish to agree or nominate an arbitrator themselves, we can suggest the names of three suitable arbitrators.

To apply, please complete the Request for three names of Arbitrators Request for three names of Arbitrators form.

How much does it cost?

  • The fee to appoint an arbitrator is £600 (inc VAT)
  • The fee for suggesting 3 suitable arbitrators is £120 (inc VAT)

The Request forms provide full details and methods of payment.

Further enquiries

T: +44(0)20 7421 7444