Dispute Appointment Services (DAS)

DAS are a pivotal part of CIArb, providing quick, confidential and cost effective methods of settlement or resolution of international disputes.

We offer a complete range of ADR methods including arbitration, adjudication, mediation and independent expert determination and can deal with many types of disputes in diverse areas. 

The service is made up of highly trained and experienced ADR practitioners (Presidential Panels) selected from our membership that can deal with both commercial and civil disputes.

Members of the Presidential Panels of Chartered Arbitrators, Accredited Mediators and Accredited Construction Adjudicators must have demonstrated to the Institute they have a high level of knowledge, skill and experience in their discipline; they have undertaken an appropriate programme of continuous training and personal professional development and that they are committed to high ethical and professional standards.

If you have a contract clause that nominates CIArb's President to appoint (as appropriate) an arbitrator, mediator, adjudicator or independent expert/determinator, or both parties agree to resolve a dispute through ADR please choose the appropriate link below:

What will it cost?

An appointment fee is payable upon application. An administrative fee is also charged to appoint the appropriate specialist. Practitioners usually charge an hourly rate but their fees will be set out prior to the process starting.

A Gavel and a book on Arbitration Law

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DAS Updates

Conducting Conflict Aware Business Management Conducting Conflict Aware Business Management

By Wolf Von Kumberg FCIArb

DAS Publications

ADR, Arbitration and Mediation A Collection of Essays ADR, Arbitration and Mediation A Collection of Essays
Edited by Julio César Betancourt and Jason A. Crook
Cost: £20 plus delivery.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Order a copy of CIArb's 'What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)'. 
Cost: £8/Members and £12/non-Members plus delivery

Finding a dispute resolver

A CIArb member standing in a doorway

If you, or your legal advisers, do not know of a dispute resolver (arbitrator, mediator, adjudicator or independent expert) to resolve a dispute, CIArb-DAS can help you to find you a suitably qualified practitioner with the right knowledge and experience. Search our members' directory or contact us directly by email . (There is a charge of £100 plus VAT for this service.)

Please note: CIArb is not an advisory body, and cannot offer specific advice on your dispute.

For any enquiries please contact us by email or T: +44 (0)20 7421 7444


The Royal Courts of Justice

DAS is a confidential, flexible and efficient service that can cover many types of disputes in a wide variety of sectors.

Presidential Panels

Presidential Panels

CIArb-DAS operates Presidential Panels which are panels made up of senior and experienced practitioners in arbitration, mediation and construction adjudication.

CIArb-DAS utilise the panels to identify and appoint members who are suitably qualified and experienced to assist in resolving your civil or commercial disputes. 

DAS Publications

ADR, Arbitration and Mediation - A Collection of Essays  ADR, Arbitration and Mediation - A Collection of Essays
Edited by Julio César Betancourt and Jason A. Crook
Cost: £20 plus delivery.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Order a copy of CIArb's 'What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)'. 
Cost: £8/Members and £12/non-Members plus delivery.