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Recognised Course Provider Scheme (RCP)

CIArb's RCP scheme provides formal recognition to educational institutions offering modules or courses in dispute resolution and awards a specific level of exemption to the candidates who complete these modules so they can become CIArb members.

How do Institutions apply to become an RCP?

The scheme is open to any educational institution offering programmes relevant to CIArb's Training Pathway. To apply, please:

  1. Complete an application form (below)
  2. Submit the required documents as outlined in the RCP Handbook to the Education Team (

What happens after my documents are submitted?

If Institutions can demonstrate that they meet CIArb required standards, they will join our RCP List for a period of three years from the date of approval.

How do I apply for membership having done a course with an RCP?

If you have studied at an RCP institution and would like to apply for CIArb membership - please ensure you include details of your course and RCP on your membership application.

Recognised Course Provider documents