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Jonathan Ellis ACIArb

Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis, Director at Accuracy, talks to CIArb about their ambitions, dispute resolution and what it takes to make a great leader.

  1. Welcome to CIArb Corporate Membership, we are delighted to have you on board. What in your eyes was the biggest incentive to join?
  2. In our eyes there are three core reasons to our CIArb Corporate Membership:

    1) Support for an organisation which we consider embodies and support our values of how dispute resolution processes should be run: professionally, with dignity and respect for the parties and through trust in the parties / institutions.

    2) Networking amongst professionals who share our values.

    3) Continue to promote the use of experts, by educating parties and counsel as to the value and benefits from engaging experts in the relevant circumstances.

  3. Tell us more about Accuracy as a firm and its ambitions.
  4. Accuracy was founded in November 2004 by a group of former Arthur Andersen employees. The firm has grown from its base in Paris to have offices in 12 countries and 370 consultants. Accuracy’s Forensics, Litigation and Arbitration expertise is one of its core service offerings since its foundation and the engagements we perform in this domain now account for more than one third of Accuracy’s revenue.

    Accuracy’s key attribute is its identity as an independent company, and as such, we do not carry out any regulated professional activities. This guarantees that our high quality work is done objectively and professionally, whilst also ensuring total dedication to the best interests of our clients. Accuracy’s ambition is to continue to provide expert opinion and exceptional quality work to our clients around the globe.

    Accuracy’s strategy considers client satisfaction and employee development as its primary obligations. Our ambition is to continue growing as a high-quality consultancy firm in order to foster client enthusiasm for our services, valuable analyses and thorough recommendations.

  5. Accuracy’s experts participate in various forms of dispute resolution. Can you provide further insight into how you can help prospective clients?
  6. The role of an expert is becoming more varied as the profession develops. We remain independent and cognisant of our obligations to the court / tribunal; however, in the recent past we have seen an increase in our services being used outside of a formal dispute resolution process.

    Our main service remains advice and support as an expert witness in dispute resolution, be it in relation to the valuation of damages or the assessment of delay in construction projects. However, we have seen a marked increase in clients requesting that we perform independent reviews of potential claims, prior to a formal dispute resolution process being undertaken. The increasing demand for claim reviews by an independent expert (such as Accuracy) seems to be driven by expectations for robust quantification of claims from an early stage and the growth in third-party funding. As cases become more complex and the volume of data grows, there is an increasing requirement for preliminary estimates of damages to be robust and consistent with the later opinions on quantum of independent experts, even more so when third-party funders are involved.

  7. In your opinion, what ingredients are crucial in the making of a leading firm and first-rate client services?
  8. Accuracy considers that a leading firm is one which strives to put the client first. When providing our services, we always consider the clients’ requirements to be at the centre of our work, ensuring independence and impartiality when our role requires and providing advice and support to the clients throughout the engagements.

    To support their clients, a leading firm must take care of their team members. At Accuracy our staff receive training continuously through their carrier, to ensure the highest possible level of quality, an ability to self-review and learn from past mistakes in order to improve.

    Finally a leading firm needs to ensure a strong, supportive, culture. At Accuracy, we are a single global firm, it is ingrained from the very first day at the firm that it is in all our interests to support each other, across countries and services – to ensure our clients receive a first rate service and enjoy working with us.

  9. What’s next on the horizon for Accuracy?
  10. Accuracy has recently opened an office in Dubai to provide a base for our ongoing matters in the Middle East. Further, we have recently acquired a company in China to continue to support our clients with their ambitions in the North Asian region and to help investigate the potential for expanding our services in this region. Finally, we have opened an office in Casablanca, Morocco – to again support our ongoing projects in the region but also to provide a gateway to support our clients in the rest of Africa.

    Our strategy will be to accompany and serve our clients wherever they go and continue to provide independent advice and expert opinion, based on exceptional quality work. We will look for opportunities to expand our client base, while maintaining this quality, which we consider is paramount to our success.