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Tips to improve your CV

We are part of a new globalised era and the legal industry, like most of the other industries, is becoming more and more demanding when it comes to recruiting candidates.

As a student, one has to demonstrate they possess thorough legal knowledge, commercial awareness as well as practical skills.

Every individual is unique, however the tips we offer below represent a good starting point, which students can tailor to their needs.

Rumour has it that recruiters have to go through so many applications that sometimes they try to decide whether they are interested in a particular candidate based on the first page of their CV.

Below are some tips that we think will help make a recruiter want to read more and even more importantly, invite you to an interview.   

  1. Separate your experience in different headings, showing consistency throughout your CV
  2. Use your legal work experience to show motivation for a career in law and both your law as well as non-law related work experience to demonstrate the necessary set of skills
  3. Write about your active involvement in projects and the personal impact you had on them
  4. Make your CV stand out by highlighting skills or experiences that differentiate you from other candidates
  5. Use a professional tone
  6. Do not forget to focus on what you have to offer to the firm that you are interested in
  7. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your CV

Lastly, some more general advice. Write every application as if it were the only one you were sending.

Again, make sure to tailor the application to the firm you are interested in. Your chances will be far higher if you send 10 well researched applications, rather than 100 generic ones.