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Mr Bhoopendra Dabycharun (MCIArb)

Membership Grade: Member

Country of Residence: Mauritius

Email Address:

Languages: English; French; Hindi; Japanese

ADR Profile

Specialism: Construction & Engineering; Infrastructure & Projects

Areas of Interest: Adjudication; Arbitration; Construction Adjudication; Med / Arb


As a Registered Professional Civil Engineer.
I graduated in B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering course at the University of Mauritius in July 2006. Thereafter, I registered as a Registered Professional Civil Engineer (RPM No 1198) with the Council of Civil Engineers in Mauritius in September 2009. I have gathered the required experience in various fields of civil engineering works such as; design for building & renovations works, design for water retaining structures, pipelaying works and other civil engineering works. Also, I have developed an adequate experience in contract management both at contracting and client. Almost more than 10 years of working experience have been acquired in the field of civil engineering works.

As a Geotechnical Engineer in Landslide Specialism
I am pursuing my further studies in the course of Natural Disaster and Environmental Management in Geotechnical Engineering in Landslide specialisation at the Niigata University, Japan since the year 2015. I will complete my studies by next March 2018 where I will graduate as a Geotechnical Engineer in the field of Landslide. The phenomenon of the landslide is increasing with the change in the climate condition as well as the disturbances caused by human activities. The impact of damage as a result of a sudden landslide is huge and protecting human life is the most important role of the Engineer. During the design of buildings and concrete structures, we do apply the maximum factor of safety for the durability of the structures, however, we need also to understand what is happening under the ground. There are so many variables under the ground as a result of the weathering action. This is where the role of the geotechnical engineer comes into action. Geotechnical engineers have specific tasks in the construction industry as their professionalism is being relied before the construction of any structure on the ground. Secondly, Landslide is a very interesting specialised field which I shall encourage people to learn as a career development. As regards to my experience in the landslide field, I have conducted two internships at two companies in Japan where I have got the opportunity to increase my knowledge in the mechanism of Landslide. Japan is a country of great knowledge and resources. Currently, I am studying the mechanism weathered basaltic materials and reactivated landslides in Mauritius. This study will be beneficial in understanding the behaviour of residual soils in Mauritius. Moreover, I have also gathered a good working experience with Japanese experts who have been working on the project of "Landslide Management Project in Mauritius" since May 2012 until March 2015.

As a Registered Member with the CIArb
Being a Registered Professional Civil Engineer and thereafter a Geotechnical Engineer, I became interested in the field of Construction Adjudication with the various discrepancies happening in the field of construction industry. During my working experience, I witnessed the major conflicts quite often happening in the construction Industry between the Client and the contractor. To be able to understand the root of the causes, I became interested in the field of Construction Adjudication which is the fastest way of resolving dispute resolutions. Since I joined the pathway course at the CIArb, I received a very good training in the law of contracts, law of tort and rule of evidence. Also, after completing Module 2, I developed a good sense of approach and technique in mastering the Act and the Scheme for England and Whales in Construction Adjudication. Also, I look forward to continuing this course until registration as a future Adjudicator in the coming future. I will definitely encourage people in pursuing the pathway programme at the CIArb, where the delivery of the course is mostly professional and will definitely attend to your needs for your problems.

I feel confident that I have achieved a good background in the field of civil engineering projects, sound knowledge in geotechnical engineering and development of a professional approach in the field of construction Adjudication. With my background, I feel confident that I shall provide you with the best approach and solution to your problems.

Thank you for your precious time given....