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India Branch: awareness sessions a success

Branch News / 01 February 2011

CIArb India Branch has been organising a series of awareness programmes with institutions
including the 135 year-old Bombay Stock Exchange, the Inter-connected Stock Exchange, the 190 year-old daily newspaper The Bombay Samachar, the Rotary Club and the Forward Market Commission (FMC).

Chairman Lalit Bhasin FCIArb, and Secretary Chandrakant Kamdar FCIArb also addressed the
Arbitrators' Meet at four regional centres, organised by the Forward Markets Commission in association with Commodities Exchanges.

The branch has begun arbitration training and has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nani Palkhiwala Arbitration Center (NPAC), Chennai. Talks have been taking place to raise awareness and undertake arbitration training with the law colleges of different states, chambers of commerce and regulators of capital markets and insurance.

The branch, in association with the Society of Indian Law Firms, arranged two interactive sessions on international arbitration in New Delhi in November and Mumbai in December.

Michael Black QC FCIArb, Ian Hunter QC FCIArb and John Hinchey ACIArb presented.

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