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CIArb Membership Survey: 2017 Action Plan

6 March 2017 News

On 14 September 2016, we launched our latest membership survey with the aim of evaluating your feedback on what we do well and what needs improvement.

Nearly 1,000 members from across the globe responded, giving us feedback on everything from member benefits to the quality of our training courses and communications. 

We value your contribution as we strive to make CIArb the best it can be. We have already started taking steps to improve where necessary, and we will continue to do so as we progress through 2017.

Neil Newman, Director of Communications and Membership, said:
 It is wonderful that we have a membership that is so engaged with CIArb and its work.  It is heartening to hear the overwhelmingly favourable feedback with regards to our setting global standards in ADR.

We will continue to build on the progress we have made in delivering our objectives. Listening to our members is a vital part of that process and we will incorporate all feedback into what we do. 

We thank all our members for their participation and welcome all contributions and suggestions going forward.

View a full PDF of the plan by clicking the infographic below.

 CIarb Membership Infographic 2017