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Update on Training & Qualifications Programme Restructure

6 March 2017 News

We continue to make good progress towards the introduction of the new Pathways programme for qualification, Membership and Fellowship of CIArb. A consultation process about the proposals is underway. We are receiving numerous supportive responses and some helpful suggestions for improvement.

This update responds to some of the frequently asked questions and comments being made.

Introduction Courses

The Introduction courses remain unchanged. They will continue to be offered as face-to-face courses. There is also an online Introduction to ADR option.

The Assessment process for Introduction courses has been changed. Assessment is now by online multiple choice test. Results are available immediately and on successful completion of the Assessment, candidates can apply for ACIArb status and select their preferred Pathway to Membership and Fellowship.

We anticipate all Branches to offer the online multiple choice assessment by July 2017.

New Pathways

The diagram shows the route to Membership and Fellowship via each Pathway and the title of each Module. The content of each Module has been adjusted.

The content of each Pathway as a whole is revised, developed and improved. Timetables and schedules are currently in development.

The new Pathways will be rolled out to Branches in phases.

  • Phase 1 begins in Q2 2017 in the UK and Europe.
  • Phase 2 begins in the Asia Pacific region in Q3 2017
  • Phase 3 begins in Q1 2018 in Africa
  • Phase 4 begins in Q3 2018 in the Middle East, America and India. 

The phasing of the rollout process will enable us to iron out any glitches and refine the overall programme.

All candidates currently undertaking their training and qualifications will be enabled to continue on their current Pathway or transfer to an appropriate module in the new Pathway, as appropriate for them and in line with the rollout timetable.

 Diagram showing new Training pathways