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Young Members Group collaborates with Aspiring Solicitors

31 July 2017 YMG News
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrator’s Young Members Group (YMG) and Aspiring Solicitors (AS) are pleased to announce their collaboration. We are delighted to be working together to increase diversity in the field of private dispute resolution. 
The collaboration aims to enhance access to the legal profession and in particular, to the field of private dispute resolution, for young lawyers from diverse backgrounds. It also aims to make the next generation of young lawyers more employable and better able to meet the needs of their clients by providing them with practical skills and increasing their knowledge of private dispute resolution processes.  
Members of both organisations will be able to benefit from shared networks, mentoring opportunities, access to networking opportunities and events and CIArb’s world leading educational and training resources. Members of AS will be able to enjoy the benefits of student membership of the CIArb. CIArb members will be able to support AS by becoming Professional Ambassadors and sharing their knowledge and experience with the next generation of legal practitioners.   
The initiative will be led by Chris White, Founder of AS and Neil Newman, Director of Communications and Membership, Sabina Adascalitei, Research and Academic Affairs Coordinator and Amanda Lee, YMG Chair and AS Professional Ambassador. 
Chris White, Founder of AS said: 
“It is fundamental to Aspiring Solicitors that our members have access to the entire legal profession and its various sectors.  The opportunity to partner with the CIArb, and in particular with the YMG, demonstrates our relentless desire to increase access and opportunities for our members from diverse groups.  We are excited to see what this collaboration leads to.” 
Amanda Lee, FCIArb, YMG Chair said:
“Embracing diversity in all its forms, including gender equality and cultural diversity, is of prime concern in the field of private dispute resolution. The YMG and AS share key values and have much in common.  It is right and natural that we work together to shape the future of the profession in this way, supporting the next generation of diverse young practitioners with a view to making sure that the legal profession properly reflects the diverse world in which we live.”
For further information, please contact:
Nikki Nang Nilar PR Executive
T: 020 7421 7481


Notes to editors:

I. The CIArb Young Members Group (YMG) is a group open to all members aged 40 and under. The YMG has over 3,000 members in over 90 countries. It has its own annual conference, social media groups and regular e-newsletter. The YMG is led by the YMG Global Steering Committee, which reflects the geographical diversity of the CIArb’s membership.

II. Aspiring Solicitors is the largest legal diversity platform in the UK.  It is committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession. Aspiring Solicitors focuses on undergraduates, post graduates and graduates from a cross section of diverse backgrounds and groups.  For more information see