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The latest news about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and CIArb.

CIArb to revise Training and Qualifications programme

Friday 16 December 2016

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is revising and restructuring the programme of training and qualifications that it offers globally for arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators. The purpose of this project is to confirm and underpin the global recognition of CIArb’s rigour in upholding the standards of quality and expertise of its membership, and to strengthen the foundations of consistency, fairness and transparency offered by the training and qualification pathways.

This will enable the branches worldwide and those members who give generously of their time and expertise as tutors and teachers to gain maximum benefit from the certainty of consistent core training and development materials in conjunction with a transparent and consistent assessment process. The result will be a strengthened CIArb brand and reinforcement of its reputation for the highest quality and standards.

As part of this project, the system of assessment for the Institute’s five Introduction Courses is also being revised. As of 2017, assessment will be by online multiple choice tests, accessed via Moodle. More detail will be provided once our pilots are completed and an analysis has taken place. In the meantime and in brief, the system will work as follows:

  • A test comprising 60 multiple choice questions
  • The questions are derived from the content of the Introduction course workbooks
  • Candidates will be given a Moodle log-in and password details to access the test
  • Candidates will find instructions on how to work through the test when they log in
  • There will be a short practice test for candidates to experiment with before they start the real test
  • Candidates will have up to 3 attempts to take and pass the test
  • The result will be displayed immediately on completion of the test
  • The pass mark is 55%
  • On passing the assessment, candidates will be invited to print their own certificate.
  • They will then have the opportunity to apply for ACIArb Membership and to consider proceeding along one of the training and qualification Pathways.         


Branches will experience a significant reduction in their costs for marking and moderation of written assignments. Branches will still be able to set at their own discretion the fee charged to candidates for attending an Introduction Course run by a branch.

The fee for the assessment will be £95.00. This fee will be separate from any fee that the branches choose to charge for attending an Introduction Course. Payment for the assessment will be made directly to CIArb HQ.

We will let you have more information in due course.