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From time to time, we publish items in which one of our members or representatives will provide an informed view on a subject relating to ADR.

Duncan Bagshaw

Duncan Bagshaw: The times they are a-changin'

The diversification of dispute resolution parameters in Africa-related contracts highlights the need for skilled international arbitrators.

Duncan Bagshaw provides us with a detailed perspective from the African continent.

Murray Rosen QC

Murray Rosen: Sports Arbitration for the Bamboozled - the Russian Doping Bans at Rio 2016

Recent issues in sports arbitration, in connection with the Rio Olympic and Paralympic games, have pitted collective responsibility against individual rights, and highlighted arguments of proportionality in the fight against doping.

Murray Rosen QC, FCIArb, shares his thoughts on the latest developments.

Keisha Williams

Keisha Williams: Urgent action needed to avert small business justice crisis

Small businesses are being left behind in the current disputes market.

Keisha Williams, Head of CIArb's Dispute Appointment Service, suggests how the Business Arbitration Scheme could be the solution.

David Richbell

David Richbell: Mediator Bias

In the final part of a three-part series, David Richbell FCIArb looks at the issue of conscious and unconscious bias when acting as a mediator.

David Richbell

David Richbell: Shaping the Deal

In the second of a three-part series, David Richbell FCIArb stresses the importance of a mediator needing to set the format and structure of the session.

Michael Stephens FCIArb

Michael Stephens: Why We Need an ADR Czar

Former CIArb President Michael Stephens calls for ADR mechanisms to become a formal part of the civil justice system.

David Richbell

David Richbell: The Indispensable Opening Session

In the first of a three-part series, David Richbell has some concerns over the trend towards dispensing with the opening joint session in a commercial mediation.

Michael Hawkyard FCIArb

Michael Hawkyard: An Alternative to Painful Conflict

Michael Hawkyard FCIArb, in a consumer-focused piece, looks at the alternatives to ligitation when it comes to business disputes.