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Nigeria Branch hold workshop on conflicts of interest

Mr Babajide Ogundipe, FCIArb, a past Chair of the CIArb Nigeria Branch, gave a talk on Arbitrator’s Conflict of Interest: The Need for Greater Transparency and the Adoption of Uniform Standards of Disclosure'.
1 March 2017 | Branch News

Launch of CIArb Australia Young Members Group

The launch of the CIArb Australia Young Members’ Group spearheaded by Chairman, Kristian Maley, attracted professionals from across Australia and overseas.
1 March 2017 | YMG News

UK transport disputes crisis: Arbitration is the answer

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) endorses arbitration as a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), particularly in regard to complex disputes such as those between unions and transport operators that have affected commuters over the past year.
1 March 2017 | News