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CIArb Asia Pacific Diploma Course 2018, Perth Australia

Australia hosted CIArb's Asia Pacific Diploma in International Arbitration 2018, held for the first time in Perth. The course was taught by a distinguished faculty headed by course directors, Caroline Kenny QC (President, CIArb Australia) and Mary Thomson (Chair, CIArb East Asia).
13 September 2018 | Branch News

Mustill Memorial Lecture 2018

CIArb’s North East Branch is pleased to announce that the Mustill Memorial Lecture keynote address.
13 September 2018 | Branch News

Updates from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators‘ Kenyan Branch

Kenya Branch has been a buzz of activity and we look to have more activities before the end of the year.
13 September 2018 | Branch News

A New Era For Arbritration in the UAE

Leonora Riesenburg FCIArb, Chair of the UAE Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, International Arbitrator, Certified Commercial Mediator talks about the New UAE Federal Arbitration Law.
12 June 2018 | Features

Non-Signatories In International Arbitration Disputes

Mag. Georg Gutfleisch looks at how the principle of 'party autonomy' is one of the key aspects to almost every major international commercial arbitration debate.
10 May 2018 | Features

ADR at the Turning Point

As ADR starts to manage disputes at lower costs with greater speed, Tony Guise looks at what technology might hold for the future.
9 May 2018 | Features