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Brexit Toolkit

The UK voting to leave the European Union presents challenges but also opportunities.

Whilst a new Department of International Trade is to be welcomed as Britain goes out into the world with renewed vigour, many businesses should also use this as an opportunity to build a global footprint.

In order to support businesses CIArb has put together a toolkit consisting of a range of existing resources to ensure they can enter new markets with confidence. 

Introduction to ADR

We've produced a short introduction to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as you prepare to enter new markets. It covers timely questions, including:

  • How can I avoid disputes with European partners? 
  • I want to maintain the relationship with my European supplier but need to resolve a dispute. What should I do?

Read our Introduction to ADR.

Recommended clauses for contracts

We have some recommended dispute resolution clauses available to which parties can refer, including:

  • a 'catch-all' Dispute Resolution clause
  • Suggested clauses for Arbitration, Mediation and Construction Adjudication

View our list of Recommended Clauses

Business Arbitration Scheme (BAS)

Our Business Arbitration Scheme is offered by the Dispute Appointment Service (DAS).  

Ir provides simple, cost-effective, and timely resolution of disputes of low to medium monetary value (£5,000 - £100,000), by arbitration before a sole arbitrator.

DAS provides to provide quick, confidential and cost effective methods of dispute resolution and dispute avoidance for civil and commercial cases.

It utilises highly trained and suitably qualified ADR practitioners selected from the CIArb membership to assist in resolving disputes across the world. 

Find out how to use the BAS or visit the DAS section, where you are able to Find an Arbitrator, for example.

Education, training and qualifications

As an organisation, CIArb provides training to learn about dispute resolution, dispute avoidance and management, and to become a practitioner in this growing international field.  

Visit our Training section to see the courses we offer worldwide.

A global network

CIArb is made up of a global network of practitioners, who can provide you with guidance, assistance and the latest information.

Find out more about the regions we cover, and look through our Members Directory.


Membership provides a world-class qualification demonstrating excellence in ADR. Members come to us from different backgrounds, with varying knowledge and skills.

See the different types of Member, and find out how you can apply to join CIArb.