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A new assessment system for CIArb’s Introduction Courses

As part of this project, the system of assessment for the Institute’s five Introduction Courses is also being revised. As of 2017, assessment will be carried out by an online multiple choice test, accessed via Moodle.

This will significantly reduce branches’ costs for the marking and moderation of written assignments. Branches will still be able to set their own discretionary fees for candidates attending an Introduction Course run by them.

More detail will be provided once pilots are completed. In the meantime, some key details of the assessment system are:

  • It will be based on a test comprising 60 multiple choice questions. Questions are derived from the content of the Introduction course workbooks.
  • Candidates will be given a Moodle log in and password details to access the test. Instructions on how to work through the test are given after they log in.
  • There is a short practice test for candidates before the real test.
  • Candidates will have up to three attempts to pass.
  • Results will be available immediately on completion of the test.
  • The pass mark is 55 per cent.
  • On passing, candidates can print their own certificate.
  • Successful candidates can apply for ACIArb Membership and consider proceeding along one of the training and qualification Pathways.
  • The fee for the assessment will be £95 and is payable directly to CIArb HQ.
  • This fee will be separate from any fee that the branches choose to charge for attending an Introduction Course.

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Note for Branches

Please see this note in which we explain our proposed hybrid approach to assessment for candidates in the first half of 2017.