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Become a Construction Adjudicator

What is construction adjudication?

Construction adjudication is a formal, private and binding process where construction related disputes are resolved by a decision made by an adjudicator.

The process of adjudication is a faster, simpler and less expensive alternative to litigation. Construction adjudication in the UK is governed by statute and is available as a right where disputes arise on construction projects. The adjudicator to be used may be agreed by the parties or nominated by an independent body.

Who can become a construction adjudicator?

Anyone can become a construction adjudicator. Adjudicators have a legal, architectural, engineering or surveying background. The adjudicator has a judicial role in listening to the facts and evidence presented by the parties, applying the relevant law and issuing a decision.

Parties will often seek someone who has the core skills required of an adjudicator and experience in the construction industry, thereby understanding its complexities.

How can I become a construction adjudicator?

The first step to becoming a construction adjudicator is to undertake training courses.

CIArb has a Pathways Programme in Construction Adjudication which covers the law of obligations, the law of adjudication, adjudication practice and procedure and decision writing.

Fast track assessment programmes are available for legal professionals with experience in arbitration.

Upcoming Construction Adjudication courses