How is the growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) affecting the legal sector? What costs are associated with the implementation and use of AI? What tools and solutions, their nature and purposes are available to practitioners? Join us for the Let's Discuss event within a series 'AI and ADR: Theory and Practice', which is following our webinar AI in the Legal Sector: Self-regulation essentials
Discuss with your peers and our moderators the corporate self-regulation and what kind of internal processes have and should be implemented to harmonise or improve internal operations related to the use of AI. Exchange ideas on how to drive innovation and improve decision making processes using AI. Network with your colleagues globally and share best practice and learn from each other's experience. 

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At Let’s Discuss events, the attendees set the tone – you and your peers decide what the burning topics and questions about the regulation of AI are – and engage in a lively debate moderated and guided by our subject matter experts. The session is entirely tailored to your needs and interests. 

So bring your questions with you and prepare to talk about what you want to!

Let’s Discuss events are not recorded, so attendance is a must. 


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Event Moderators

Kateryna Honcharenko MCIArb

Kateryna is Ciarb’s Arbitration Professional Practice Manager. Before joining Ciarb Kateryna trained with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and practiced litigation with Integrites in Kyiv, Ukraine. Kateryna holds an LL.M in comparative and international dispute resolution from Queen Mary University of London and an LL.M in international trade regulation from the Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, where she also obtained an LL.B in international private law. Kateryna is responsible for maintaining the research strategy that contributes towards Ciarb objectives concerning the use of alternative dispute resolution. She is, in particular, a co-author of the Ciarb Guidance Note on Remote Dispute Resolution Proceedings, Ciarb Framework Guideline on the Use of Technology in International Arbitration and acts as the lead UNCITRAL Working Group II (Dispute Settlement) delegate.

AI and ADR: Theory and Practice

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New technology has become an integral part of the legal profession over recent years. However, when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), it has also become a stumbling block. AI tools are capable of significantly increasing our professional efficiency, but unconditional reliance on AI may also adversely affect the procedural efficiency of all forms of private dispute resolution. This includes due process, confidentiality, enforceability and other principal procedural matters. The question many dispute resolution practitioners are asking is: To what extent can AI be used in our work?

AI and ADR: Theory and Practice is a series of webinars and Let’s Discuss networking events hosted by Ciarb with its partners TrialView and Jus Mundi.

Together, we’ll explore the realm of AI, including AI tools and their application. We will discuss how AI can be utilised in an efficient and safe manner, and what parties, counsel and tribunals should consider before using AI tools.
Each webinar focuses on a particular theme, giving you the opportunity to learn from experts in the field. You can then discuss the theme further with expert moderators and peers at a subsequent Let’s Discuss networking event.