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Adrian Fisher


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Job Title: Lawyer

Areas of Expertise: Adjudication,Arbitration,Mediation

Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator. Holds a LLB, LLM in E-Commerce and Data Protection Law and has 18 yrs work experience. Currently working as Legal Advisor to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Sierra Leone. Has worked as a Magistrate during which he was engaged in mediation in family matters for 5 years. He also worked as an adjudicator on procurement disputes in relation to contracts award which required adjudication and the writing of adjudication awards. I am available for advise and drafting work on any commercial arbitration or family mediation in West Africa and in Europe.

Country of Residence: Sierra Leone

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Joscelyne Adrian Fisher

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Law Officers Department
Guma Building
Lamina Sankoh Street