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Saadia Shehzadi


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Job Title: Law Officer (State Council)

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Currently, I am Law Officer/State Council at Islamabad High Court. I am handling cases of criminal offenses at most. However, I am also handling cases related to family conflicts, commercial disputes, and ICT matters. I have been appointed as commission in many cases by Islamabad High Court for projects namely Silver Oaks residential apartments and PHA residential apartments, Islamabad. I have now qualified the CiArb training exam and became an accredited mediator. I have also conducted mediation in many cases related to family and commercial disputes whereby I was appointed. I successfully conducted the mediation and made the parties resolve conflicts and come to a point of common interest.
I am representing Amir Sohail Khan Law Associates based in Lahore as Assistant Lawyer. I have been involved in practicing law by giving authoritative advice to clients and represented them at court. I also suggest practical solutions as per requirements of the clients by implementing state of the art practices to legal matters.
Starting of my career, I worked at Qadeer & Co. (Chartered Accountants), where I was appointed as legal advisor. My job designation required me to prepare short, medium, and long-term legal objective plans within assigned segment/location by client to meet the set revenue targets. Presenting solutions of problems to decision makers and senior management. Driving test/pilot tests within premises of clients and conversation management. Identification of opportunities for clients and to manage their referrals to relevant department of the firm. I also represented the firm in civil court cases.
Afterwards, I joined Awan Law Associates under designation Associate Lawyer. My major responsibilities comprised of representing clients in courts along with facilitation and monitoring of all pending cases in the courts. Arranging meeting with executive clients was also among my duties. I also conducted a market survey and collected data for better positioning of the firm among competitors. I was also responsible for selecting the target markets for promotion of the firm and its offered services. I was responsible of making correspondence on behalf of the law firm with clients on various issues. I also represented clients in court. I was responsible to facilitate and monitor all pending cases in the courts. Arranging meeting with executive clients was also among my duties.
I joined ELEMEC Lahore as Legal Consultant. I was assigned with leading and management of legal department, official correspondence, court appearance, office management and assisting CEO of the company. My responsibilities also comprised of conducting meetings with clients on behalf of the company. I was also involved in assisting the HR department in management of HR operations.
I inaugurated my own institute based in Lahore whereby I was acting as Director. I was responsible of managing the institution’s driving strategies, operation, and legal work.

Country of Residence: Pakistan

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