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Ayodele Akenroye

LL.B., B.L., LL.M. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (McGill), FCIArb

Personal Bio

Job Title: Independent Arbitrator, Arbitration Place, Toronto

Areas of Expertise: Adjudication,Arbitration

Dr. Ayodele (“Ayo”) Akenroye, FCIArb is an independent commercial arbitrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and acts as an arbitrator in institutional and ad-hoc proceedings. He is also a Tribunal Member with the Government of Canada where he adjudicates immigration matters.

Before becoming an Arbitrator and a Tribunal Member, Dr. Ayo was an advocate, representing individuals and corporations in a wide range of industries and areas of law including corporate and commercial, banking, construction, energy, infrastructure, insurance, mining, solar power plants, telecommunication, joint ventures, licensing, patents, sales of goods and shareholdings, ethics and anti-corruption, and criminal litigation (international and domestic).

Dr. Akenroye brings this experience and knowledge to his work as an international and domestic arbitrator. Dr. Akenroye brings to arbitration a wealth of litigation and adjudication experience, strong listening and writing skills, a deep understanding of the law and legal principles, and an ability to apply those principles to the facts in a fair and impartial manner. He renders clear, well-reasoned and appropriately comprehensive decisions expeditiously. His ability to master complex facts and transaction documents provides the foundation for his effectiveness as an arbitrator.

One of Dr. Akenroye’s strengths is that he is trained and has practised law in multiple common law jurisdictions. He holds a law degree from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, a master’s degree in law from the University of Manitoba, Canada, and a doctorate in public international law from McGill University, Canada. Having practised in Nigeria before qualifying in Canada in 2013, Dr. Akenroye understands the practical and cultural differences presented in cross-border disputes. Dr. Akenroye is a dual citizen of Canada and Nigeria. He is fluent in English and the Yoruba language.

Country of Residence: Canada

Primary Branch: Canada

Secondary Branch: