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Attia Abou Elnaga

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Job Title: Ambassador

Areas of Expertise: Arbitration,Mediation

I would like at the outset, to convey my warm greetings and sincere gratitude to the CIArb, to the President and distinguished officials of this prestigious and professional Institute and to all its dear members as I have just received few weeks ago my official membership letter. I am really proud to join the CIArb.

Indeed, when I was still a student at a Cairo High School, I was keen to discover the different legal systems that surround us. I had later the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Law and to complete in 2016 a Master Degree in Public Law from Lyon III University in France. The Memoire that I chose to submit consisted mainly of a research on promoting Panafrican trade and the role of arbitration within the COMESA, a regional African organization which aims at enhancing trade amongst its twenty member countries. However, I felt very keen to acquire further knowledge in the field of Arbitration which has become, since the last century a very sophisticated and efficient mechanism for dispute resolution. Therefore, I am confident that joining as member, the CIArb, will enrich further the basic data that I have gathered so far in the topics related to arbitration and will offer me a golden opportunity, that I should not fail to seize, to develop new skills on this subject, exchange experiences and interact with the dynamic members of the CIArb. I am also looking forward to participating actively in certain specialized courses that the CIArb is organizing and meeting online the respectful participants from all horizons and different backgrounds.

As an Egyptian Civil Servant for more than thirty years I was directly or indirectly involved in several issues which needed a certain degree of mediation and arbitration skills. Therefore, becoming a member of the CIArb, just a short time before retiring from my official duties, is a real privilege and an honour that I mostly cherish and appreciate.

With my highest consideration and deep esteem.


Country of Residence: Egypt

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Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural Sector
Corniche El Nil, Maspero, CAIRO
Arab Republic of Egypt