Personal Bio

Job Title: Sr. Contracts Engineer, Webuild S.p.A

Areas of Expertise: Adjudication,Arbitration

An experienced, disciplined, and dedicated Contract Engineer with an extensive knowledge of various forms of contracts and how to enforce the applicable contractual provisions, strong understanding of construction and the inter-relation between trades and construction activities so as to trace the changes and the impact of the changes, effective communication skills and participation in commercial meetings, managing and enquiring all correspondence is up to date, Preparing, reviewing and ensuring timely submission of interim payment applications, notice of variation, and claims, and management of insurance guarantees and bonds. Over the years, I managed and administered contracts for different types of projects; administration, residential, security buildings, industrial projects, power plants and pipelines, in addition to many infrastructure projects. During my work, I developed many skills including but not limited to claims and variations negotiation, disputes resolution and risk management. I work perfectly as a leader and as a team player, I’m a multitasker, problem solver with the ability to achieve the requirements fast and precisely. Currently, I'm looking forward to applying my expertise and knowledge in a challenging environment for achieving organizational goals.

Country of Residence: Egypt

Primary Branch:

Secondary Branch: