Scottish Branch Committee

The Scottish Branch Committee meets four times a year and is responsible for the smooth running of all branch activities. The AGM is held each year in April, and Branch Members are encouraged to attend.

The present committee members are:


Donny Mackinnon (Chairman)
Torquil Murray (Vice Chairman & Events Convenor)
Leigh Herd (Honourary Secretary & Treasurer)
Richard Farndale (Immediate Past Chairman)
Jonathon Broome (Director of SAC representing the Scottish Branch and Learned Society Convenor)
Brandon Nolan (Director of SAC representing the Scottish Branch)
William Frain-Bell (Dinner Convenor)
Laura West (YMG & Social Media Convenor)
Andrew McFarlane (Newsletter Convenor)
Brandon Malone (Scottish Arbitration Centre)
Kahleen Crawford (Mediation Convenor)
Stephen O'Rourke QC (Education Convenor)
Gus Pearson (Website Convenor)
Doug Neville
Dr. Ian Trushell


David Christie (Northern Chapter Chairman)
Rachel Kelsey (FLAGS)