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Membership application and election

An application for membership may be made by the completion of an approved Membership Application Form and the submission of such form to the Executive of the Institute.

Membership Application Forms must contain an applicant’s name, his or her address, a disclosure of any prior record of misconduct, disciplinary proceedings or criminal convictions, a signed or if made online accepted declaration, the payment of the prescribed application fee and the current subscription fee for the relevant grade of membership, as notified on the Institute’s website from time to time.

The Executive reserves the right to ask an applicant for further and better particulars of his or her application and/or the necessary amount of payment in settlement of the prescribed application fee and the current subscription fee.

All completed applications will be reviewed in accordance with the Institute’s approved procedure, as published on its website from time to time; and in particular, whether an individual applicant meets the minimum criteria for membership at a particular grade of membership of the Institute.

Within two working days from the receipt of a complete Membership Application Form, the Executive will either send an acknowledgement of the application to the applicant, or inform the applicant of the outcome of his or her application or, if necessary, request further and better particulars of the application.

An applicant will be awarded the highest grade of membership based on the information provided. If the grade awarded is higher than the grade of Associate, the applicant will be notified by the Executive in writing that he or she has been awarded that grade and the amount of the additional subscription due. Unless the applicant informs the Executive within thirty days of such notification that he or she does not wish to be awarded a grade higher than Associate, he or she will be liable for the appropriate rate of subscription fee for the grade awarded.

An applicant may appeal against a decision regarding his or her eligibility for membership of the Institute, in writing, to the Executive, within thirty days of being notified of a decision on his or her application. The appeal will be dealt with in accordance with the Institute’s approved procedure.

If, for whatever reason, an application for membership is unsuccessful, the accompanying payment less the non-refundable application fee will be refunded on request to the Executive.

You will need the following supporting documents to complete your application form:

  • Proof of qualifications, including a copy of the syllabus and the results transcript.
  • If applying under the experienced route a letter confirming employment and a reference letter detailing your ADR experience.

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    We use this information to evaluate your level of ADR knowledge, It helps us to award you the most appropriate membership grade.

    Please enter the full name of the organisation you work for. If your organisation is also commonly known in an abbreviated form, please write out the full name followed by any abbreviation in brackets e.g. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

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        This information is held in confidence. Applications will be judged on an individual basis. Answering YES to any of these questions will not automatically exclude you from membership.

        You do not have to disclose a conviction if: (i) there is applicable legislation in the jurisdiction of the conviction, which allows the criminal record to be removed after a certain period of time; and (ii) that period of time has passed.




        Non-refundable Admission Fee
        Subscription Fee payable once your application has been accepted, (pro-rated from your date of joining, see See subscription rates table)
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        Payment Method

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        If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please advise Lisa Mulholland in writing (email: that you have used this method and quote your name and membership number in the reference. CIArb bank details: HSBC Bank, 31 Holborn, London, ECIN 2HR England Sort code: 40 05 03 Account number: 31288784 International Bank Account number (IBAN): GB75HBUK40050331288784 Branch Identifier Code: HBUKGB4B


        Cheque Text

        We kindly ask that you refrain from sending any cheques for the time being as the office is closed and all our teams are working remotely due to COVID-19.

        I hereby apply for membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. If admitted, I agree to comply with the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, the Royal Charter and Bye-Laws (including Schedules and by any subsequent amendments and/or alterations that may be made) and by regulations made or to be made for carrying them into effect.

        I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form is correct. I understand and agree that if I make any false statements, submit false information or fail to disclose information requested in this application, I will be subject to discipline pursuant to the constitutional documents and code of ethics, as amended from time to time.

        On admittance, I request that you issue me a membership Certificate. I agree that the certificate will remain the property of the Institute and will undertake to return it if I cease to be a member. I understand that I will be required to return my Certificate of membership on cessation of membership (Bye-Law 11.4) and may no longer use the post nominal designatory letters, as only members who have paid their annual subscription are entitled to the Ordinary privileges of members (Bye-Law 9.10 and Regulation 17.1.2)

        Please refer to the CIArb Code, Royal Charter and Bye-Law for more information.