17 March 2021

Does a full house tribunal trump three of a kind for cost effective arbitrations?

This article examines a key problem in international arbitration which unnecessarily increase the time and cost of resolving disputes.

25 February 2021

Is international arbitration international?

This article explores key components of international arbitration and the international-national balances and tension in each.

04 February 2021

The arbitrator’s duty to apply the CISG

This article analyzes the relationship between the Vienna Convention on the International Sales of Goods and arbitration.

22 December 2020

Ten Minute Rule - The effect of an apology in certain legal proceedings

John Howell MP ACIArb took the floor during Parliament’s Ten Minute Rule on Monday, 1 December 2020. He started by noting how the proposed bill would not take away any rights currently enjoyed by all in relation to taking an issue to court.