28 January 2020

London maritime arbitration: an influencer for the 2020s

Maritime arbitration is the quintessence of international commercial arbitration.

06 December 2019

A Brand New World: The Evolution and Future of Arbitration

An event hosted at Bentham House by the University College of London delivered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

04 October 2019

Lomax case – the irresistible rise of ADR

A recent decision in the Court of Appeal concerning ADR is striking for a number of reasons not least of which is the perceived restriction of the citizen’s right to exercise his or her right to a fair trial (Art 6, European Convention on Human Rights).

02 October 2019

New Brazilian Decree Enabling Arbitration in the Port, Road, Rail, Waterway and Airport Sectors

One of the paradoxes of modern time is the arbitrability of state contracts.  Brazil has taken one step forward to accept arbitration in public contracts in specific sectors.