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Dispute Appointment Service

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DAS provides quick, confidential and cost effective methods of dispute resolution and dispute avoidance for civil and commercial cases.

It utilises highly trained and suitably qualified ADR practitioners selected from the CIArb membership to assist in resolving disputes.

Dispute Appointment Service Convention 2016

Event Type DAS
Date 02 December 2016 - 02 December 2016
Location Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP | London
Following the success of the last three years, the annual DAS convention returns this December, exploring one of the most topical issues of 2016; Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in ADR. Secure your ticket now.

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in ADR

The DAS convention has been designed to gather members of the judiciary, together with a distinguished group of ADR experts, to engage in a high-level discussion of selected topics in the areas of arbitration, mediation and construction adjudication.

The convention aims to provide ADR practitioners with a forum to address and discuss practical issues associated with the role performed by dispute resolution professionals.

The convention will explore the various ethical and professional conduct standards that may apply in arbitration, adjudication, and mediation, as well as the impact of those differing standards on various stages of the proceedings and on the array of diverse participants; dispute resolvers, parties, lawyers, witnesses, experts and third-party funders.  

Recent case law has highlighted potential weaknesses not only in the standards and guidelines that currently exist, but on the application of those standards and guidelines by their intended users.  

The convention will also assess if and how improvements should be made, to ensure we continue to uphold the integrity of the ADR process and maintain parties’ trust in the independence and impartiality of decision makers.

*Subject to change

  • 8.15 - Registration Tea/Coffee
  • 8.50 - Welcome Address - Anthony Abrahams MCIArb, (Director General, CIArb)
  • 9.00 - Keynote Address: Lord (Peter) Goldsmith QC, PC (Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton)
  • 9.30 - First Panel (An Institutional Perspective)
    • Chair: Mark Jackson-Stops ACIArb (Founder, In Place of Strife)
    • Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof (Director General, LCIA)
    • Alexander G Fessas (Managing Counsel, ICC)
    • Dr John Fletcher (Global Director for Dispute Resolution, RICS)
  • 10.45 - Morning Coffee
  • 11.00 - Second Panel (Examining the Status Quo: Standards, Guidelines and Rules for Dispute Resolvers)
    • Chair: Shawn Conway FCIArb (Partner, Conway & Partners) 
    • Leonardo D’Urso (CEO, ADR Center)
    • Karen Gough C.Arb (39 Essex Chambers)
    • Robert Bourns (President, The Law Society)
  • 12.15 - Lunch
  • 13.30Third Panel (Party Representatives)
    • Chair: Peter Ashford FCIArb (Partner, Fox Williams)
    • Nicholas Gould FCIArb (Partner, Fenwick Elliott)
    • Mercedes Tarrazón FCIArb (Partner, Dispute Management, SL)
    • Cyrus Benson (Partner, Gibson Dunn)
  • 14.45 - Afternoon Tea
  • 15.00Fourth Panel (Experts and Witnesses)
    • Chair: Alan Redfern C.Arb (One Essex Court)
    • Charles Brown C.Arb (Former CIArb President)
    • Phillippa Rowe (Phillippa Ross & Co.)
    • Kay Linnell C.Arb (KLCA)
  • 16.00Fifth Panel (Parties and their Funders)
    • Chair: Jonathan Wood MCIArb (Partner, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain)
    • Craig Arnott (Managing Director, Burford Capital)
    • Professor Stravros Brekoulakis (Queen Mary Law School)
  • 17.00 - Closing Summary
  • 17.15 - Networking Reception


Man writing at desk

Arbitration is a non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes where an independent third party – an arbitrator – makes a decision that is binding.


Measuring tools

Adjudication is a simple and efficient method of settling general and specialised construction disputes. Speed is the key feature since a decision must be reached within 28 days.


Business handshake

Mediation is a flexible, speedy and effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. A mediator facilitates dialogue and communication between parties in a structured way, assisting them to reach a voluntary settlement.

Expert Determination

Man at desk with magnifying glass

Usually used for disputes of a technical nature, expert determination is a process in which an independent third party acts as an expert in the field, rather than as a judge or arbitrator, to settle a dispute.

Dispute Boards


Dispute boards are created by contract and aid the parties in resolving their disagreements. In the last twenty years there has been an increasing demand for this less adversarial dispute resolution method.

Presidential Panels

Crest of CIArb on wood panel

DAS can meet requests from parties for the President of CIArb to appoint an arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator to resolve a dispute.