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Dispute Appointment Service

What is the Dispute Appointment Service?

CIArb's DAS provides quick, confidential and cost effective methods of dispute resolution and dispute avoidance for civil and commercial cases.

It utilises highly trained and suitably qualified ADR practitioners selected from the CIArb membership to assist in resolving disputes.


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Arbitration is a non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes where an independent third party – an arbitrator – makes a decision that is binding.


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Adjudication is a simple and efficient method of settling general and specialised construction disputes. Speed is the key feature since a decision must be reached within 28 days.


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Mediation is a flexible, speedy and effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. A mediator facilitates dialogue and communication between parties in a structured way, assisting them to reach a voluntary settlement.

Expert Determination

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Usually used for disputes of a technical nature, expert determination is a process in which an independent third party acts as an expert in the field, rather than as a judge or arbitrator, to settle a dispute.

Dispute Boards


Dispute boards are created by contract and aid the parties in resolving their disagreements. In the last twenty years there has been an increasing demand for this less adversarial dispute resolution method.

Presidential Panels

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DAS can meet requests from parties for the President of CIArb to appoint an arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator to resolve a dispute.