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Aanand Saran


Personal Bio

Job Title: Student

Areas of Expertise:

I am Aanand Saran, a diligent and ambitious law student with a keen interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Currently, I am in my second year at Symbiosis Law School, where I am laying the foundation for a promising career in the legal field.

My commitment to ADR is not merely academic; it is a genuine passion that drives me to specialize and excel in this domain. I am currently enrolled in a specialized course in international commercial arbitration at Leiden University, Netherlands. This esteemed course, recognized for its comprehensive curriculum and international perspective, is equipping me with the advanced skills and knowledge required to become a proficient legal professional in the intricate realm of international arbitration.

Throughout my academic journey at Symbiosis Law School, I have showcased my dedication to the legal field by completing three internships in various legal domains. These internships have provided me with invaluable practical insights and have enriched my theoretical understanding of the law.

My enthusiasm for ADR extends beyond my academic and professional pursuits; it reflects my intrinsic drive to contribute meaningfully to the legal community. I am keen to grasp opportunities in the field of ADR and am unwaveringly committed to continuous learning. I am always eager to expand my horizons, delve deeper into the nuances of ADR, and stay abreast of the latest developments and trends shaping the field.

As I approach the end of my second year, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of excellence. With my unique blend of academic prowess, practical experience, and unwavering passion for ADR.

Country of Residence: India

Primary Branch: India

Secondary Branch: