To enlarge text and images on the site

On a PC:

1. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press '+' to enlarge.
2. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press '-' to reduce.
3. To reset hold down 'Ctrl' and press '0'.

On an Apple Macintosh computer hold the 'Cmd' (Apple) key instead of 'Ctrl'.


Browser accessibility options

Each browser has different methods for font size, formatting, and screen colour options:

The BBC also has information on how to customise your computer, and your browser, to make them more accessible in their 'My web my way' section.


Search Tips

A search box appears at the top of each page. To get the best results follow these tips:

Use keywords - the search won't work well using natural language, keywords will find better results. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.