A core principle of mediation is that the parties ‘control’ the outcome, rather than having it imposed upon them. The mediator will facilitate dialogue and communication between the parties in a structured way, assisting them to reach a voluntary settlement. The mediator has no decision-making power; therefore, the dispute is resolved on the parties’ own terms.


Speedy, confidential, and a less adversarial process, mediation can be used to solve a variety of disputes. The process is non-binding and allows for settlements suited to situations where parties want to preserve the relationship.


CIArb CMC Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme.

As a registered provider under the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme (FFMS), CIArb is able to offer a cost-effective mediation resolution service to parties who have a claim of £50,000 or less.

The Scheme is designed to allow Parties to a dispute with a total claim of £50,000 or less to apply for the appointment of a CIArb qualified Mediator to mediate their dispute. How the mediation is conducted will fall within the remit of the individual mediator appointed to the case.

The fees payable by the Parties are associated to the value of the claim, fees for the Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme are as set out below.

Full payment of the fees will be required before the mediator appointment is confirmed.

Please complete the application form below to apply to the CIArb for the appointment of a mediator under the Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme (FFMS). For more information email