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Jane Gunn: The Barefoot Mediator

Jane Gunn is an expert in the field of conflict resolution, a trained mediator and facilitator, known to her clients as “The Barefoot Mediator”.  She is the former Chair of the Board of Management and current President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and is a former director and board member of the Civil Mediation Council of England and Wales (CMC).

Author of two popular books “How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom” and “The Authority Guide to Conflict Resolution”, she has spoken at the United Nations, The White House and the European Commission.

As the world in which we live becomes increasingly focused on the global unrest created by the rise of a pandemic virus, racial inequality, terrorism, climate change, financial instability and more, people everywhere are dealing with both the external and internal sense of conflict, constant fear and uncertainty this is creating, Jane is asking:

  • What can we, as individuals, do to understand and transform this conflict?
  • Are we being woken up to a deeper meaning and message?
  • How do we find harmony and balance in a crazy world?

Jane helps people in all walks of life to become ReSolutionaries. Teaching them the basic skills of mediation, she enables people to deal with difference and diversity in ways that are non-adversarial and solution focused.

Her mission is to create a community of ReSolutionaries equipped to lead and inspire others in times of change, challenge and crisis. She has a powerful message supported by practical tools and techniques that applies to organisations of all sizes across all sectors.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for businesses right now. Critical decisions must be made each day as to how businesses are going to survive and thrive in the weeks and months ahead. And yet the ability for many leaders and managers to think and decide clearly may be challenged by;

  • Disagreements with colleagues.
  • Tensions with family members.
  • Internal conflict created by the times we are living in.

Jane has worked with organisations large and small including Cable & Wireless, Capita, The NHS, BAA, Bacardi- Martini, McLaren Racing, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ACCA and many more.

Jane’s skill is in getting people

  • Talking about what matters most – both to them and to their organization.
  • Motivated, energized and committed to what needs to happen next.

Her approach is both interactive and fun.