Ciarb is committed to promoting effective dispute resolution and the benefits it brings to society and economies across the world. Our commitment to effective dispute resolution will ultimately enable us to:

  • Realise our vision of a world where disputes are resolved promptly, effectively, and creatively.
  • Deliver on our mission to be the inclusive global thought leader on dispute resolution, promoting and facilitating the creative and effective resolution of disputes, supporting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring practitioners are highly trained and comply with professional standards and ethical rules.

Strategic Aim 1: Globally promote the constructive resolution of disputes

  • Promote the benefits of constructively resolving disputes and the value this brings to society and to the economy.
  • Actively promote and differentiate Ciarb members’ expertise resulting from their Ciarb training and compliance with professional standards and ethical rules.
  • Train non-members to understand the benefits of using effective dispute resolution, encouraging them to use such methods to resolve disputes at work.
  • Work collaboratively, partnering to promote effective dispute resolution across the globe.

Strategic Aim 2: Inclusive thought leader

  • By being recognised as the thought leader on effective dispute resolution, influence those with a key role in shaping dispute resolution across the world.
  • Raise global awareness and support projects which use effective dispute resolution to reinforce the rule of law and access to justice.
  • Use innovation and technology to enable greater access to effective dispute resolution.
  • Identify through horizon scanning, trends that affect effective dispute resolution.
  • Raise professional standards by continuously developing guidance and rules.

Strategic Aim 3: Develop and support an inclusive global community of diverse dispute resolvers

  • By providing accessible, relevant and high-quality training and development, support our members’ career progression, enabling them to innovate, differentiate and compete in changing markets.
  • By targeting the provision of information, products, and services, grow our membership.
  • By building our understanding of the roles, career stage, priorities, and specialism of our members, respond to their diverse and individual needs.
  • Support our branches to grow, network, develop expertise, and share information through active communication and engagement.
  • Highlight the significant contribution of Ciarb members.
  • Actively encourage and support equality, diversity, and inclusion, encouraging the best candidates to join Ciarb regardless of their background.