Ongoing Learning

In the fast-changing world of dispute resolution, ongoing development of your skills and knowledge is a must, whatever your level of expertise.

Ciarb members can access a range of recordings from Ciarb’s past events via MyCiarb. Selected recordings are also freely available on Ciarb's YouTube channel.


60 to 90-minute updates on key topics for dispute resolution professionals.

On-demand webinars

How to get Your First Appointment


If you're wondering how to get your first arbitrator appointment, then this is the webinar for you.


Considerations including an arbitrator’s experience, expertise, reputation, accomplishments, inclusion on ADR providers’ rosters, availability, technical acumen, case management, conflicts and a party’s preference and familiarity, to name a few, all factor in receiving one’s first arbitrator appointment.


In this webinar seasoned and newer arbitrators, ADR providers and counsel share their insights on important factors to consider in order to receive one’s first arbitrator appointment.



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Our short online courses take between three and six hours of in-depth study to complete. You can take them when and where it suits you. The courses generally include short interactive tasks that enable you to reflect on and embed what you have learnt. On completion, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to your continued professional development.

On-demand courses

Principles of Project Management Applied to Arbitration


Achieving an enforceable outcome through arbitration is paramount. Just as important is how we run our arbitration practices. Achieving cost-effectiveness and efficiency can mean a smoother, more profitable business. This is where the principles of project management are relevant.


Ciarb’s on-demand course, Principles of Project Management Applied to Arbitration, enables you to:


  • Understand how project management principles can be applied in the arbitration context
  • Explain the different stages of a project and the purpose of each stage
  • Apply project management principles to the conduct of different stages of arbitral proceedings in professional practice, as appropriate.


It is ideal for arbitrators engaged in leading and running cases on a day-to-day basis, and who wish to improve the efficiency of arbitral proceedings.


Designed by Amanda Lee FCIArb, the course is self-paced and interactive, incorporating:


  • videos
  • exercises
  • case studies
  • self-reflection activities.

You will have opportunities to apply and check your knowledge through multiple-choice activities throughout the course. It typically takes 3 to 5 hours to complete and, once successfully completed, you will receive a certificate that you may use for continuing professional development (CPD).



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Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes


Contractual disputes can arise in any industry and are caused by a multitude of reasons. Understanding how to prevent and resolve such disputes is essential. This on-demand course enables professionals without a legal background to understand how contracts are formed and how different legal terms can be interpreted and applied in both dispute prevention and resolution.


By taking this course, you will understand the:


  • Different tools and methods for interpreting contractual terms.
  • Means by which contractual terms can be sued to prevent and resolve disputes.
  • Strategies for the effective prevention and resolution of disputes.
  • Ramifications of going to court for breach of contract versus ADR methods


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Brand Protection in Times of Dispute


Disputes have the potential to impact organisations’ brands. Learn how to protect an organisation’s brand and minimise brand damage through this online course.


By taking this course, you will be able to:


  • Identify the different types and impact of disputes.
  • Understand the significance and operation of brand.
  • Analyse the impact of disputes on brand
  • Develop core strategies to minimise brand damage.


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A Guide to Arbitration Award Writing


Writing an arbitration award that is clear, concise, unambiguous, and enforceable is a key skill that all arbitrators must develop. This on-demand course supports you in improving your award writing skills.


Through a mix of videos, guided by Dr Karen Akinci FCIArb, and interactive activities, you will explore the three main stages of Award Writing: Technical Draft, Analytical Draft, and the Final Draft.


On successful completion, you will effectively be able to:


  • Understand the principles of the arbitration process leading to the preparation of the Final Award
  • Analyse the facts and legal issues in an arbitration with a view to preparing an award.
  • Deal with costs and interest.
  • Recognise the importance of reflecting reasons adequately in an award.
  • Apply your knowledge to a case study.


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Resolving Disputes Today


This audiobook introduces the main techniques for dispute avoidance, management and resolution. It considers what constitutes a conflict, examines litigation and explores methods such as mediation and negotiation. It is useful for those who want to understand how to address disputes as well as the different disciplines and techniques associated with them.


The audiobook is collated and adapted by Richard Barnes, FCIArb. Edited and read by Michael Patchett Joyce, FCIArb.


This audiobook is complimentary for Ciarb members.


Also available to non-members for just £30.



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