Because every dispute is different, we offer a range of ways to resolve your dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) can assist by:

  • Helping you choose the right dispute resolution mechanism. I.e. arbitration, adjudication, mediation etc.
  • Guiding you through our range of cost-effective Schemes which are designed to address specific types of dispute.
  • Appointing the right dispute resolution professional (also called a ‘neutral’) for your needs.

Ciarb is an appointing authority, which means that we appoint certified and trained dispute resolution professionals (also known as neutrals) to work with parties to resolve their dispute. Appointing your neutral through Ciarb means you can have confidence and be assured of transparency in the appointment process.

Parties can, independently, apply for an appointment providing Ciarb is named as the appointing authority in the Contract or Agreement. Parties can also apply by joint agreement.