Recognised Course Providers

Under Ciarb’s Recognised Course Providers (RCP) Scheme, educational institutions can apply to have their programmes recognised for Ciarb membership purposes. This means that successfully passing a course from an RCP leads to eligibility for the Ciarb membership grade it is accredited for. Application for Ciarb membership must be submitted within two years of completing the course.
The RCP Scheme is under review and, as such, new applications from educational establishments are not currently being accepted.
Educational establishments are asked to note that the highest level of equivalence under the revised RCP Scheme will be at Ciarb Member grade. Existing RCP agreements at Fellow grade will be discontinued upon expiry. We are accepting applications for re-accreditation of programmes at Associate level from currently accredited institutions only. We aim to launch the revised Scheme at Member level later in 2024 and will release further information in due course.
Enquiries from institutions may be sent to: