Ciarb Rules and clauses

The Ciarb Rules for different disciplines, Ciarb model contract clauses, and the Ciarb Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.

The Ciarb Arbitration Rules govern how the arbitration will be conducted. They can be named in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clauses, adopted at the parties’ request or adopted at the arbitrator’s suggestion. These Rules are part of a suite of Ciarb rules which are revised and updated on a rolling basis.

The use of effective dispute resolution and the use of Ciarb rules can be written into commercial contracts through the addition of a dispute resolution clause. Parties can then have confidence about how their dispute resolution process will be conducted in the event of a dispute. Ciarb provides a range of model contract clauses that can be used for this purpose.

Confidence in the arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator rests on their professional and ethical standards. Ciarb’s Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct regulates dispute resolution professionals in their practice.

Please also refer to our Professional Practice Guidelines.