Mentoring programme

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme is a structured programme established by CIArb’s Egypt Branch as the first programme initiated by a CIArb Branch in the region. View the first cycle of the Branch Mentoring Programme below

Take a look back at the first cycle of CIArb’s Egypt Branch Mentoring Programme for young members. The mentors included were Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Dr. Ismail Selim and Dr. Ahmed Waly.

With special thanks to the Mentor supporters, Ibrahim Shehata, Yousef El Saman, Mohamed Hafez PhD, FCIArb and Natasha Shirazi. Highlights from the activities of the first mentoring cycle

Hear thoughts on the Mentoring Programme from past mentee Ahmed Moustafa Aboelela. A glimpse into some of the first cycle activities

  • The Mentoring Programme provides young CIArb members interested in arbitration and ADR with the opportunity to learn from the experience of more senior members of the arbitration community.
  • Members of CIArb may apply to participate in the Mentoring Programme at the start of each new cycle.
  • Mentoring Groups are formed of (1-4) young “Mentees” assigned to a “Mentor” (a senior arbitration/ ADR expert), and a “Mentor Supporter” (an established practitioner).
  • Mentor and Mentor Supporter will be available to provide the Mentees with career guidance and arbitration/ADR practical knowledge.
  • Each Group works together for a 1-year cycle.
  • Groups coordinate to develop a plan for the activities aiming at developing relations among the entire group and facilitating the Mentees' integration into the arbitration and ADR world.
  • Potential activities: workshops, video-conference, messaging, publishing articles, sharing information, and networking opportunities.
Who should apply and how?
  • All current young CIArb members, interested in arbitration and ADR, are eligible to apply to become Mentees.
  • Egypt Branch Committee will identify candidates who demonstrate commitment and motivation and to match them with the most suitable Mentors and Mentor Supporters.
  • Mentees applicants must complete an Application Form CIArb Egypt Branch Mentee Application Form
  • No fee is charged or financial benefits are available through the Programme.
Mentor Supporters
  • The Mentor Supporter should have sufficient knowledge in arbitration/ADR and frequently involved in CIArb activities.
Who should apply and how?
  • Mentor Supporters must be at least MCIArb under 40 years old and should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field of arbitration/ADR.
  • Mentor Supporter applicants must complete an Application Form Mentor Supporter Application Form
What are the responsibilities of the Mentor Supporter?
  • Be an active and available participant in the Mentoring Group, liaising with the Mentor and Mentees to arrange activities.
  • Contribute in putting the strategic aims of the Mentoring Programme by assisting the Mentor in planning the overall programme.
Who can be a Mentor?
  • Mentors should be recognized arbitration/alternative dispute resolution practitioners.
  • The Committee shall appoint the Mentor, who will be invited to provide his/her approval to the appointment. 
  • Demonstrates good working relationships with CIArb members and CIArb requirements.
  • Works collaboratively with the Committee, the Mentor Supporter, and supports aspiring Mentees.

The Mentoring Programme is led by the CIArb Egypt Branch Committee, who has responsibility for:

  • Selecting and appointing the Mentors, Mentor Supporters, and Mentees
  • Keeping the Mentoring Group up-to-date with changes and resolving issues referred by the Group.
  • Applications of Mentor Supporters and Mentees will be checked and the suitability will be reviewed in line with the role profile.
  • If the Mentee’s application is approved, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail advising that the candidate must attend a meeting with the Mentor and Mentor Supporter within 1 month.

For more information about the Mentoring Programme please click here

Please note that you require a Google account in order to complete the application form. If you have any concerns, please contact us.